April 7th, 2018


Mine Eyes Offend Me...

Yesterday's eye test was depressing, The optician offered to put me on the list for the cataract op now  (waiting list about five months-)  or wait until next year. I said wait. I'm scared. Several people have told me it really isn't that bad, but I'm still scared.
Haven't done anything about the broken  hoover yet, and the place is in a state.
My stomach is acting up and I've puked three times today. Wah...
Can't remember my dreams, and haven't lifted a pen/ brush in days.
I was so exhausted and achy this morning that it was a real chore to get through my workiout, and  mostly I've just lain about.  It was 18 degrees today, and already getting a bit warm for my taste. I was tired of the constant chilly rain, though.
Yesterday I went to a 'coffee and cake' meeting on the estate, as they advertised a collaging session. It was just popping things out of a printed card, to layer them up, though, nothing 'arty', There were only 3-5 others there, all friendly enough, so I wasn't too withdrawn, but still felt 'peopled out' and glad to get  back to watching TV trash with moon snoozing on my chest.