April 5th, 2018


Springy, Sleepy...

So tired I can barely type. Worked out this morning, and went to physio, which was a bit more demanding this week. The warm weather, although quite pleasant, today, also makes me dozy.
Watched that SHERLOCK HOLMES film, which was a jolly, entertaining  romp. Robert Downey Jr is a fine actor, and all, but I just cannot accept him as Holmes. Jude Law, however, turned in a surprisingly convincing Watson.
I've fantasised for years about this house on 83 Larkhall Rise. It really appeals to me. It's kinda elegant yet cosy looking, and is immaculately maintained. I'd love to  look inside. It's not for sale, but I imagine it would cost about 2 million. If I won the lottery, though, I'd be in a position to make them a tempting offer for it....
R Next Door was going to visit her  possibly stroke-afflicted friend in St Georges', and was petrified because she's never been in a UK hospital before, and was expecting something like Bedlam