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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

09:24 am: Happy Easter to all who observe it.
12:20 pm: It's bleeding chilly out there. I was tempted to wear a wooly hat in the park, but no, not in April.
12:54 pm: Discarding Images
08:18 pm: Shiver & Shake...  2 comments
11:14 am: Oh Lordy, it's one of those sun and shower days that annoy me so much. I was expecting proper rain…
07:34 pm: I've spent most of the day half or totally asleep. It's not that cold, but I'm really shivery. I've…
09:16 am: More feckin' April showers encouraging me to slack off my workout. I hate indoor gyms, but wish I…
05:39 pm: My Inner Child is grizzling.
09:42 am: I got Dog! Which Animal Is Your Kindred Spirit?
09:09 am: Lee
12:24 pm: Lovely in the park. Happy dawgs frisking, birds bonking. cheerful weather, etc.
11:22 pm: Springy, Sleepy...
09:32 am: Going for my eye check. Please gods, don't let me need new (£££) lenses! 👓
01:29 pm: Senior moment: I slapped toothpaste instead of Sudocrem on my bad leg while obsessing about my…
08:52 pm: Mine Eyes Offend Me...  5 comments
07:25 pm: Is it just me, or is it cold? 😨
08:18 pm: Nervous Wreckage...
01:40 pm: Well, another damp, dismal day in souf London. Checked out THE CITY AND THE CITY, which, like its…
07:23 pm: Grey Again...  2 comments
09:24 am: Deaths of UK homeless people more than double in five years
11:34 pm: Sign the petition: Pensioners deserve to keep their Carer's Allowance
10:07 am: Oh, it's so end-of-the-worldish these days. The nonstop heavy, wet gloom has really got me, not to…
07:03 pm: Amazon: Drop all targets by 15%
11:37 pm: Apocalypse Pending...
09:40 am: Gotta go and get my B12 shot, dammit. I always thought they make you feel perky, but they don't…
01:18 pm: Nurse said I should have some blood tests that I had just recently, while in hospital. THEN she…
11:23 am: Crumbs! It's WARM, and there's sun! Looks like WWIII is creeping closer, too...☹️
07:36 pm: Zzzzy...  2 comments
07:41 pm: Feelin' Furiosa...
11:46 pm: Patience On A Monument...
12:02 pm: Arrgh, now it's like August. I got my 'flailing' done early, and am now dreading the exercise class…
09:52 am: Another scorcher in progress.Bleh.😥
12:30 pm: Exercising done, dusting done. I'm hot and want to lie down.😴
06:10 pm: Three nights in a row, I've dreamt about stagehands brawling in Bedfordbury. WTF?🤨
07:29 pm: Whingeing Wearily...
05:45 pm: Pleasant Weather...
05:56 pm: Those adverts with Owen Wilson gibbering idiocy about sofas send me into a homicidal rage. 😡
08:12 am: Growing up in the Wild Wild Country cult: ‘You heard people having sex all the time, like baboons’  1 comment
08:29 am: New Royal spawn still unnamed...Princey Mc Princeface? 🤔
02:17 pm: Dead Dawg Downer...  6 comments
10:20 am: Can you spare a minute to help Hunt Emerson?
02:05 pm: Can you spare a minute to help Suzy Varty?
01:48 pm: Just saw a pair of Stella McCartney sandals I really fancied, in TK Maxx...only £200 reduced from…
07:22 pm: Why am I always slaughtered at online Scrabble? My vocabulary's average, at least... I seem to have…
09:39 am: Trying to get sorted and get out. I'm utterly incapable this morning. Guh.😴
01:45 pm: I cannot believe that I actually did my workout and shuffled to the launderette and back. Utterly…
07:23 pm: The Estate newsletter came through the door, featuring a wee photo of me on the cover, bored rigid,…
07:47 pm: Ohh, the weirdness of the weather! I was going to skip the park session today, as I couldn't even…
12:21 pm: I got Audrey Hepburn! Which Classic Leading Lady are You?
07:29 pm: Too cold for leaping over bonfires and frolicking in the bushes. I'm frozen in three layers plus my…  1 comment