March 28th, 2018


Damp And Grumpy...

It was pissing down nearly all day, so I had a day off exercise, but had to schlep wetly to and from the doctor's, for the annual asthma inhaler check. Very tedious, but thankfully all is well . My lung capacity seems to have improved a little, and my BP is still normal. Wayhey.
Out of curiosity, I tried a McDonald's flat white, and it actually wasn't bad.
Things fall apart...I cannot figure out what the problem is with my 'Henry' hoover. It barely sucks at all, and I've only had it for a year or two.
Slept in until nearly NINE yesterday morning as it was raining and dark. I did have to work out in the afternoon, though.

Doodlediary:  (Drawing even cruder than usual, as I was sitting in the recliner, propping the page on the Radio Times, while the cat was batting at the pens...)