March 9th, 2018


A Weedy Week...

Woke up coughing this morning; seems I have another flamin' cold.
I've been so tired and achy that I haven't even felt like posting much rubbish, or watching TV (although, of course, I did...)
Went to the 'physio' class yesterday. There were only four other old crocks in it, which I guess is good-more attention. The class before us had about 30!
Most of the exercises were easy-ish, although I had a problem doing the ones that involve lifting your left arm past your shoulder. which I cannae do.
The teacher, a perky French lady called Florence, says that if you have bad arthritis pain, you shouldn't exercise, which somehow doesn't seem right to me.
The more inert I am, the more pain I seem to have.
That IMAGINE programme on Philip Pullman was really interesting.. I'm a bit worried about his opinion that when you die, and account for you life to 'the harpies', you'll be in trouble if you say 'I watched a lot of TV'