February 20th, 2018



Ohhh. boy, all these weird symptoms just roll right on.What interests me, in addition to my own addiction to whining, is how very many other people seem to be suffering similar weird, eternal owie stuff. It's not exactly a lurgy sort of thing, it's just an everything hurts and doesn't fuction thing, with really crap sleep, etc.  Guh.
I nearly skipped exercise again, not venturing out until afternoon. Then I got rained on. Managed to do most of my 'flailings', though. Can't say I  fell any better for it, now... The confusion about my prescription continues, which I'm sure  isn't helping. It's just bizarre. Too boring to go into detail...
Fell asleep watching the new MARCELLA series, but It seemed OK-ish. X-FILES was shite, though. Golly, was it ever  any good?
R Next door, who is being a total pain in the arse  of late, had a hideous dental  adventure the other day, involving the dentist slipping, and drilling her under the tongue! Yowza! Gotta feel sorry for her.