February 19th, 2018


It Was Safe...

Well today, anyway.  I know I'm  a weakling, but it  does amaze me, just how excruciating  it is to have one's teeth 'scraped'. Thank the gods, though, there didn't seem to be any new problems...The dentist commented 'You still have a LITTLE bit of gingivitis, there, but not bad', as I spewed out a gallon of ONegative into the basin.  With luck, then, I needn't go back for three months.

It drizzled enough for me to skip working out.
I'm still feeling so crook...trying to avoid painkillers as much as I can, though. Every time I eat anything, especially 'healthy' substantial food, I really want to vom, so you'd think I'd lose weight, but...
Checked out TROY: THE FALL OF A CITY, which was watchable enough, but so far, so bland. Helen's grim poker face reminds me greatly of Melania Trump's. Is that intentional? It's sure to liven up, anyway.