February 13th, 2018

destroy planets

Got Da Hump...

Infuriated  again by R Next Door's abusrd demands , when she cares fuck all about anyone else,  except animals, and only then. when she's in the right mood.I'm in loads of pain, and TV deprivation anguish, and just cannot be arsed to do all sorts of online chores for her. I told her that she was going to have to get some sort of  PC like everyone else, and she wailed that she HATES computers and the people who infilct them on us should all be KILLED. Besides, 'only 20% of the population has one, anyway.' so why should she bother...
Rang several TV repair places, got nowhere.
I got the prescription at last, but probably  won't be able to claim it for a couple of days. Then, after all the other backing and forthing, I had to do, I forced myself into  half an hour, at least of 'activity' in the park.
Now I feel sick Got coughed on a lot, at the surgery, damn it.
Need Tv soo badly! It's not as though I even concentrate on watching it much. but  I need to have it on.
I'm drinking a lot of tumeric  matcha tea, which I rather like, to see if it helps the arthur-itis owies,