February 5th, 2018



Moon's renal blood test is slightly worse than last time, and I'm worried. There's also the whole tooth business... I have to go up tomorrow and get antibiotics for her, to see how that goes, before the scaling, maybe extraction  stuff. Feeling kinda grim.
Did a little more clearing up, anyway, and exercised  downstairs, despite the  freezing cold. It was fairly bright, so not too bad.
I've been worrying about dementia, quite a lot, and all. Radio 4 is helpfully broadcasting that new book about the woman who got Alzeimer's at 58. as BOOK OF THE WEEK. too. Whee!  I keep forgetting words, and famous names, all the time. Last night, I saw  part  of BATMAN BEGINS, and just could not remember the names of 'that dignified-looking old Black guy who always plays God, and Presidents and such',  'Roy Batty' , or 'the PEAKY BLINDERS bloke'. I did recall them eventually, after much agonising.