February 4th, 2018


TV And Stuff (Mild SPIRAL Spoilers)...

Damn, I'm in so much pain, recently. My joints, Oy! Is it the cold? My wrist is bugging me again, too... According to the fracture clinic post to my GP. 'This lady is doing very well', and the X-rays looked fine. So, I guess I'm just whingeing. When I think of that cast, I'm still so grateful that it's off.
I got soaked in the park, yesterday, so I suppose that hasn't helped the aching.
Oh Gawd, the  SPIRAL series is over already, leaving the usual  multiple cliffhangers. Hope it's not 2-3 years before the next one! A mini-flicker of hope for Roban, anyway. I still wish he and Marianne would get it together. (She wasn't even in this series-)
Laure, what's your problem, gel?
And what of poor hangdog TinTin?, divorced and detached from the team...
Started watching the new chiller REQUIEM. From the review I read, I was excpecting something hair-raisingly shocking. So far, nothing really scary/gruesome. but it is very good, and nicely creepy. Must try not to binge.
Continuing to watch the odd episode of EXORCIST  season one. It's improving as it goes along; not bad at all.
Once again, I have failed to make any progress in my clearout, and I'm sitting amidst piles of old clothes, and  general shit. I desperately need help from one of those 'Obsessive-Compulsive Cleaner'  types.

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