January 26th, 2018


Dulwich Picture Gallery...

It was such a nice day, yesterday, that I went via the  12 bus to the Dullwich Picture Gallery, which involves a stroll through the park from Dullwich Library, to see the Tove Jansson exhibit before it was too late. It was quite delightful, of course. I never read Moomin stuff as a kid, but I'm so impressed by her incredibly thin lines...they're so strong , yet flexible, and so confident. Her paintings are gorgeous, too.


Have kept up with McMAFIA... It's watchable, but for some reason. doesn't  really grip me.

Any longtime BABYLON 5 fans remember what Londo saw, when Kosh 'exposed' himself to rescue Sheridan, and all the witnesses saw  a benevolent mythical creature from their own culture. He insisted he saw nothing, but obviously did...
I'm desperately tired, and am not doing too well with the clearing up, at all. I did get my exercising done,though, and collected the laundry. Way Hey!