January 12th, 2018


Don't Go Out...

Went to Somerset House to see the little Soutine exhibit, which was quite interesting. I'd forgotten any warnings about staying the hell away from the West End. Once you hit Trafalgar Square, nothing was moving in any direction.  Baw Yubba!  I quite enjoyed the portraits of sad/grumpy little hotel workers, though.Soutine was a kind of odd character himself. I read somewhere that even when he was well off, he had shocking BO and looked like a tramp.
I  was only there for half an hour or so, and when I got out, the Strand was even more impossible to navigate; even the pavement was chocka with unhappy pedestrians.. There was a lorry or something blocking the road, and after about half an hour, the driver suggested we all get off and schlep back to the bridge to continue our journeys via Waterloo... Guh.
I'm still coughing my guts up,  of course, and obsessing about pnuemonia. Don't wanna snuff it dumped in a corridor in St Thomas'
Actually, can you die of  depression itself, apart from suicide?   (I haven't got the energy for that-)