January 11th, 2018


Lying Low...

Damn cough goes on and on; so exhausting... I'm feeling  isolated and gloomy, and still very physically frail. Fap.
I had a bloke come about getting a new, smaller bed the other day, and there was hassle because I didn't have any visitors' parking passes. In order to get them you have to spend ages going to Brixton (you need to make an appointment in advance-) with multiple proof of identity, money, etc., and I just feel so sick, but it must be done, somehow.
I feel incredibly helpless, actually; haven't even felt up to ranting online, much. I'm certainly not to the only one to be feeling ultra-dreadful at present, but having no family, etc., really makes it hit home.
I've been trying to exercise as much as possible, but outdoors is so wet and horrible, I haven't been doing well. The urge to sleep is overwhwlming, all the time...
I've been bingeing on HARD SUN, which is brilliantly horrid  and grim. I suppose it might be suggested that people in my state should watch comedies or 'warm' stuff, but personally, I find that sort of thing  makes me even grumpier and sadder.
It's also good to see that SPIRAL  hasn't yet jumped the shark. I'm ejoying the current series.

Old Space Opera...

Have been watching reruns of ancient BABYLON 5s on Pick TV, and although it can be cheesy, on the whole it's pretty deep, especially when you consider it's over 20 years old. I'm actually moved at times...which is more than I can say about the  3-part saga of Lady Jane Grey on BBC4. It's so dull, and those repetitive dramatised bits are pitiful.