December 23rd, 2017


Zillionth Chilly. Drizzly Day in A Row...

Wrist hurts quite a bit. The woman in the lift was right...and there's very little mobility. I get physio on  2 January. though. and I'm hoping for some improvement, although I can't say they didn't warn me, when they were trying to make me go right back in for another op.
My arm is constantly peeling like mad, too, nasty sunburn-like flakes dropping off me incessantly as I walk about feeling like 'Pigpen'. E45 isn't much help. so far, but I expect it will sort itself out in a few days. I also have to carry on keeping it dry for five days unti; the creepy 'stigmata' holes heal up.
Popped into ASDA for a few bits, thinking  there wouldn't be many people there mid-morning. Ohhhh yes there were! All with piled-up trolleys and shrieking brats, ahead of me in the queue. (Whatever happened to those 'Under ten items' tills?)
Watched EX MACHINA, which I hadn't actually fancied, but it turned out to be a thoughtful, absorbing bit o' Sci-Fi