December 21st, 2017


Cast Off!...

Well, it wasn't too pleasant having the pins out. and the bloke who removed it commented that my cast had been unusually heavy. I just have a splint, now, though, not even one of those little flesh-coloured slings. It's very stiff, and, at times, painful. but ohhh, it feels better.  My forearm looks like a big slab of on-the-turn chicken stuck in the back of the fridge...
The PEAKY BLINDERS season came to a ripsnorting conclusion, but alas, we've lost one of the very best characters.
I also watched THE FORCE AWAKENS, which is on Netflix. It was quite entertaining, certainly much better than the last  three. I never was as obsessed with STAR WARS as a lot of people, though. I think I was too 'adult' when it first appeared. If you grew up with it, I guess it's diferent.