December 12th, 2017


Kill List...

Ventured out, as there was sun enough to melt the ice, thank gods. Had a rough night ,with arm aching, and terrible heartburn. (One of the drawbacks of bariatric surgery-)
Must have looked pitiful, as I was helped off the bus with my trolley. I was grateful, actually.
Then, in the lift, a woman told me that when you graduate to a splint, the pain is worse, for a time, Waaah!
Yet more bad luck of someone I know... Old C, the owner of danger dog Honey, has had a stroke. R Next Door was gloating, as they have a running feud.
She's already  given one of her other dog park enemies a broken hip, a couple of months ago...I wonder if my wrist isn't 'punishment' for some misdeed?
Still quite enjoying BABYLON 5, and season 2 of THE CROWN. 'Margaret' is fabulous, and Jeremy Northam is very good as the hapless Anthony Eden, Must say that his outstanding handsomeness seems to be quickly fading, though. Maybe the silly moustache?