December 10th, 2017


Season's Grumpings...

I know I'm sick and twisted, but there are a couple of  'heartwarming' TV ads/charity spots that really give me the hump. One depicts an old codger sloping out every day with his shopping trolley, and on his way back indoors with his frugal purchases, he smiles wistfully at the happy family next door celebrating various occasions. Then, it's Christmas day, and not realising it. he treks out to the shops as usual, to find they're all shut. Back again to gawking at the kids next door frolicking festively. Poor old bugger. (Age Concern, I think-)
Possibly even worse is the Bisto one about 'Spare Chair Sunday' where a thrilled hag has been admitted by a wholesome, happy nuclear family to share their roast, and marvel at their brussles sprouts.
Patronising guff...They can all kiss my fat, saggy Irish arse. %^%#! ... I'd much rather be eating beans on toast and watching SCROOGE than banged up with a bunch of  smug strangers and their screaming spawn. Humph.

Oh, I am such a bad person...I've really enjoyed watching the snow fall, though. I'm sorry for everyone who had to travel, and was tortured by the uselessness of our public transport, But it seems like decades since we've had snow, and I like it.