December 7th, 2017


Bad day? This compilation of Sean Bean saying 'bastard' will help

Bad day? This compilation of Sean Bean saying 'bastard' will help

Which bastard’s your favourite? Sean Bean "Bastard" compilation. — Adam (@PunishedAd) September 16, 2017 Must have been a right bastard to put together. READ MORE Why Sean Bean must die in everything he is in Source

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 7 Dec 2017, 14:50

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Yet again I checked in early, and this time, Went to get my X-rays first. The woman twisted my arm so hard, I swear i felt the 'break' moving.
I still ended up sitting for over two hours  before the doctor saw me. Some good-ish news; I'm just on the cusp of osteoporosis, so if they start the treatment soon , it's better than later, I assume. Also, the X-ray shows the healing is somewhat better than last time. It's moved to a better position. Sadly, this means two more weeks in the cast! ...He'd told me they'd take it off, remove the pins, and put a much lighter splint on, today. THEN he saw his 'boss' who said leave the cast a bit longer. He shouldn't have got my hopes up.  WAH!  It's scary how often they seem to  say one thing, then something quite different a moment later. I was handed some man's details, as well, to give to the receptionist to make the next appointment. I think I may have been wise to refuse an immediate second surgery. I don't have much confidence in that clinic. Of course, they're very busy and obviously understaffed, so whaddyagonnado? I had to get a load of blood tests, to finish off, but at least that department wasn't too busy. Got caught in rain and wind on the way home, and all. Guh.