November 27th, 2017


Youngish Love in Kensington Palace...

So, a Royal Wedding to 'look forward to' in the Spring. along with Wills & Kate's new spawn. Meh. Interesting , though that Bride of Harry is a divorcee AND mixed race. Some things have changed.
Watched the 80's version of CAT PEOPLE on TV. I know I saw it in the cinema, but didn't remember it. Largely because it was a bit boring, I guess. The 1940 Val Lewton original, with a budget of about ten quid, remains much spookier. IMO.
Still feeling like shit, and can't get the cough mixture bottle open. Could be worse, though; no real fever so far,
The Red Cross volunteer didn't show up, but said he'd come tomorrow. Grunt. Still, I'm not paying, am I?

Hope I get some decent sleep tonight, at least.