November 26th, 2017


Oh Dear, Oh Dear...

I guess it was inevitable; I now have really intense aches all over, hot and cold sensations. a sore, tight throat, and unpleasant cough. Fuck.
Got very little sleep last night, and am morbid as hell. Is it going to be 'like this' for the rest of my days, one debilitating complaint after another? Fap.
Watched WITNESS on BBC4. Don't remember the first series. It's utterly absurd, but moderately entertaining.I've got about halfway through THE PUNISHER season, and am now quite bored, but I have that stupid compulsion to slog through it all, having started.That docudrama on Joe Orton was excellent, last night. It should be checked out on iPlayer.
Wish I could post doodles, but I can't.