November 22nd, 2017


Shufflin' Down The Strand...

Was full of joint pain again, although, thank gods the wrist discomfort seems to be diminishing, now. I was seen very promptly, at the osteoporosis screening p;ace, after being picked up by the lil' ambulance-bus, because I was afraid of struggling to Guy's  in rush hour. The bloke was pleasant, and no discomfort involved, just like an ordinary X- ray.
The weather was OK, so I opted to save them the trouble of getting me home, and go, as usual, by buses, as it was by then a pre-lunch quiet time.
I got off at Aldwych, and walked very slowly to Trafalgar Square, where I got the 87. Hardly impressive, but considering the feckin' state I've been in, it was positively athletic.
I've had no further word from the Red Cross volunteers since my Monday  appointment was cancelled. Oh well...Didn't get up until getting on for NINE this morning, and felt shattered all day. Reading about Ralph Richardson again (Garry O'Connor's AN ACTOR's LIFE, which promises to be more forthcoming about RR's general weirdness.)