November 12th, 2017


cabin fever...

once again, i was afraid to go out, for fear of falling, cos i'm so awkward, unbalanced and weakly. then i sit vegetating, worrying about blood clots, and the weird pains when i don't move properly [ am i healing normally...]
i'm still reading about radcltffe hall and her fascinatingly opulent lifestyle. she would have had a full-time home nurse, then been scooted off  in a bathchair, to venice or somewhere, to convalesce,
nursey still hovering with the morphine.
the tv reception today isn't too bad, anyhow, but there's little worth watching, and ui'm still without talking pictures and now tv. i need non-luddite assistance bigtime
netflix is still available, though, and i've actually got into THE CROWN, which is not my usual fare, but this is much better than usual. for that sort of thing, with an excellent cast, and lus period detail.