October 30th, 2017



Wahh, I am such a big  ol' baby! This cast thing seems to have triggered off a whole lot of self-pity and feebleness. physical and mental. Coming so soon after fucking my back up on the jolting bus, I was just getting to feel 'normal' again, and now I'm impeded by a bloody great hunk of plaster, which makes it almost impossible to use my shopping trolley as a walker, and I feel too wobbly and unbalanced to go far with just my stick for support.
Still, I HAD to get around a little, and made it to the cafe, via the local 'mini-mart' and R Next Door is actually going to bring a few bits when she goes shopping.
Loved that BBC1 documentary about the British Libary's display of magic stuff that influenced the Harry Potter series.  I'd like to go, but it's going to be constantly packed...
Is there anyone famous who hasn't been involved in sexual misbehaviour? It's weird, all this stuff coming up after decades,
I've always liked Kevin Spacey, and thought he was rather unpleasantly hounded about his sexuality all the time, although his caginess didn't really help.IMO, he should have just said 'Why yes, in addition to being a highly gifted actor/ director, I am a terrible homosexualist, now buzz off,' Of course, if he was really trying it on with kids, that's terrible. He would have been in his 20's at the time, though, and not yet famous or powerful. I dunno...
I think I've actually managed a full month of inane/inept Inktober doodles, but my wrist is sore, and I may leave adding them until tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone who said kind stuff about my agonies. I think that in addiion to innate weediness, I've never broken any bones before, apart from a finger, about 50 years ago,  so I'm not really familiar with this shit. Wibble.