October 28th, 2017



Typing is very difficult at present, so apologies for even more typos than  usual.
Yesterday,my cast looked twisted, and was kinda loose. Then I woke up today and it had come right off, lying next to me in the bed.I got a huge fright. Itwas a bit like the man in THE GODFATHER, with the horse head.
So, it was back to St Thomas' again. I was only there for two hours, praise be. They said it was rather unusual, and the cast getting too tight was more common.
I got quite weepy when I first saw it. I feel so frail and useless. It sucks being all alone and unable tocope *Grizzle*
I listened to UNQUENCHABLE THIRST OF DRACULAon R4, later, and that was rather fun, anyway.
Having Moon cuddled up in my lap is also a great solace.