October 23rd, 2017


All I Ever Do Is Watch TV...

Watched the newish operatic take on HAMLET ( by Brett Dean,from Glyndebourne), and it was interesting and well done, with a fine cast. Not my kinda music, of course, and I think 'once is enough'
Caught another crazy old thriller onTalking Pictures, THE SPIRITUALIST, with the sleazy-looking Tuhran Bey. It was incredibly absurd and silly, and I enjoyed it hugely.
GUNPOWDER was good, too, although a lot of viewers seem to be grizzling about the 'orrible executions so close to the watershed. (Sissies!) I particularly enjoyed Mark Gatiss making a meal of sinister Robert Cecil. (He's kitted out with Richard III style deformites, as well, which I didn't know about.)

Inktober scribble wirh Sharpie and Inktense blocks.