October 13th, 2017



In addition to the back owie, I've now got some kind of gutrot, probably from the painkillers. Jeez.
I've also had a very weird scam, at least I think it was a scam. I was trying to stream FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES. and ended up having a long phone exchange with people from 'Supremo', about how I had to instal their product for 300 quid, or my hard drive would die immediately. Hackers were in my bank account even as we spoke, etc. I finally hung up on them, but it was quite unnerving.
Bloody sticky and warm again, and it's expected to be worse over the weekend. Got stuck having to help R Next Door with one of her pigeon rescues, despite my own agonies. Oh well, I don't like pigeons, but I don't want 'em to suffer, either. This was another victim of wire wound round the legs. The local vet untangles them for free.
I don' know if that lemon verbena tea is actually helping my pain, but it's pleasant-tasting, and quite soothing.