October 8th, 2017


TV Disaster...

It's not working! What the hell is this? Unbearable disaster, etc.
R Next Door has returned, but all ultra-mental, because her best friend A's ancient dawg, Royston died on Friday. Very sad, he was a nice old boy, but she always does this whole blame thing. He was old, after all. and had been going downhill for a while. Lula, amazingly, is still with us.
Rubbish Nordic spooky-drama finally finished Saturday. That was silly. Of course, I watched it all, hoping it would get better.
I also watched some AGE OF KINGS DVDs, before the conkout. It really was very good. Shows its age, sometimes, with wrinkly tights, wobbly walls, etc, but mostly holds up very well, with good performances, some from actors who later became famous; Sean Connery as Hotspur, Eileen Atkins as Shakespeare's baddie Joan of Arc, Robert Hardy as Henry V, etc.