October 6th, 2017


More Pills...

Well, I managed to get a doctor's appointment.  He never looked at, or touched my back, of course, but he gave me Tramadol, which at least is a bit more effective than Co-Codamol, and it doesn't make me nauseouds and dopey. He said that if I'd genuinely cracked something, I wouldn' be able to walk at all. even staggering on my trolley. So, at least I've made the effort, and it reassured me a little.
Just as well I've put off booking for a city break, if I'm going to be like this for fecking weeks.
Did a fair bit of walking/creeping, anyway, and ran into a couple of neighbours, so at least, with the doctor, I actually spoke to a few people.
Yow, I saw an EASTENDERS spoiler that said 'Ben Mitchell' is leaving. He's one of my favourite characters. Bah.