October 3rd, 2017



Looks like I may be getting a cold, now, the fack that every sneeze is like a knife in my back really helps.
When I woke up, it took me about ten minutes to wriggle painfully out of bed, today. Guess I should take some tablets before I go to sleep.
Did a bit more 'gentle exercise' in the park, which is supposed to help. Years ago, I put my back out, and the quack said to lie flat on the floor as much as possible for a week, which certainly didn't help. Nowadays, they say try to move about a bit, which I'm doing, but that doesn't seem to help either. Bum.
Watched another episode of ST:DISCOVERY, and I'm getting into it, now. 'Sgood. That new series on BBC4 about dictators and music is really interesting too. Loved all that Weimar stuff.