September 30th, 2017


The Woes of Working for Hef | The Comics Journal

The Woes of Working for Hef | The Comics Journal

A few weeks ago a set of three letters written by Hugh Hefner to Jack Davis were listed on Heritage Auctions, giving comics historians a rare insight in to the intense micromanagement-style editorial control the Playboy publisher exerted upon his artists. The letters, concerning a Davis gag cartoon…

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 30 Sep 2017, 07:56

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life is pain

Poorly Old Thing...

Truly astounding how agonising some minor afflictions can be. I'm very weak and cowardly anyway, so even on a heavy dose of painkillers feel like I'm dying. I'm nauseous all the time, as well; probably from taking them. Just puked, actually/
Ran into the broken hip woman, who is on two sticks, probably for another month or so, and looking pretty gaunt. Life sure is a bitch.
Lula is STILL alive,though,  and rather better. R Next Door has been house sitting for her Essex friends, and is somewhat  less hysterical, herself.