September 25th, 2017


Gloom & Doom...

'Orrible murky, oppressive weather. If the sun had come out, I would have shrivelled up like a slug.
The Toilet Man came, and fixed the flush handles. I even got a new seat. Result!

Things are continuing to look bad for old Lula Dawg. I've seen her almost this frelled several times, but she's always bounced back. I dunno, though... R Next Door is getting more and more hysterical, and I can't say I blame her, as she has to devote her entire life to tending and dosing Lula, who is now deaf, blind, senile and  incontinent (indoors!), and although she can walk, just wants to stand and be gaga, so has to be pushed and pulled along. It's a sad sight all right.
She does seem to be content, though, when she's sniffing around the park at a snail's pace, and how can you tell if she's really had enough? She still eats pretty well, too. I wish she'd just gently slip away on her own, before R totally fragments. She's loco enough at the best of times.
Watched the massively hyped THE CHILD IN TIME. I'm not saying it wasn't a fine piece of work, beautifully acted, but really, nothing's THAT good.
Looking forward to tomorrow morning's AIDA dress, at ENO. It's by the same production team that provided last season's breathtaking AKHENATEN revival, so if it's anywhere near as rad as that...Ecstasy!