September 18th, 2017



Got my flu jab and B12 shot out of the way , and pushed myself to do a bit of shopping before exercising. Go me!
Enjoyed STRIKE again, last night. Engaging characters, and decent mysteries. The Saturday thriller, BLACK LAKE was a bit of a letdown, though. Rather lacking in Scadi atmosphere, with a very corny plot about a gang of  uninteresting young adults visiting a ski lodge, which never opened as scheduled 20 years ago, because something 'orrible happened there. One of the yoofs wants to buy the place and open it to holidaymakers, but there are bumps in the night, etc. They all gonna die... Still, it may perk up. It's better than MONTALBANO anyway.
Bracing myself for the stressfest of taking Moon to the vet for her checkups tomorrow. May the gods be kind..