September 12th, 2017



Schlepped over to Camberwell for the breast screening, which was tiresome, but not overly uncomfortable. The operative was quite efficient. So, hopefully,  that's done with, for another two years.
Couldn't find anyone to help with the window, and the council doesn't regard it as 'priority' so it could be days, and high winds are predicted for tonight. Grunt.
There are a lot of new thrillers coming on. I didn't watch the first STRIKE story, as I somehow expected cosy 'Agatha Raisin'-type mystery from J K Rowling. It's rather more interesting than that, though. Last night I watched RELLIK, which was pretty decent, too. It was running against LIAR, also by the Williams brothers, which looked less interesting, but I'll probably catch up with it.
There's a new  BBC4 Scandi one on Saturday, possibly supernaturally oriented, Cool
I sent a get well card to the old harridan who broke her hip, and it seems she was really touched by it !  Hm, you never know about trivial things. I'm glad if it actually helped a bit; must have been a really nasty experience.