September 8th, 2017


Ill-Favoured Young 'Uns...

Throwback Thursday:

Actually, 'Biddy', on the left  improved with age, and became a normal-looking adult.
I went to the NPG for the ENCOUNTER show, which was very enjoyable. lots of old master portrait drawings, quite a few of them unfamiliar to me. There was the usual annoying crush of people, though. Are galleries more crowded at all times, these days, or did I  just find it easier to endure when I was younger?
DOCTOR FOSTER 2 is looking quite entertainingly doolally, but I don't see why people are praising it, and were mainly so pissed off by TOP OF THE LAKE 2, which wasn't really any madder.

Raining all morning, and I ended up not even getting dressed all day, much less working out. I felt terrifically sad and lonely, and hurting all over. I've got no painkillers, and...Bah! My big accomplishment was having a shower.
Now there's been an earthquake and tsunami in Mexico, may heaven help them, not to mention the still-powerful Irene headed for Florida. Jeez...