September 5th, 2017


Muggy Melancholia...

I'm grateful that the past few days have been largely overcast, as the steamy jungle humidity is even more lethal when the sun breaks through. Yuck.
The lift's still broken, which really does NOT help. It's even worse for R Next Door, who has to carry poor old Lula up the long flight of stairs to the other lift...not to mention those with small kids, and people who are crippier than I am.
The TWIN PEAKS finale. of course, didn't clarify much, but it sure was good. I'll really miss it.
PACIFIC RIM was truly atrocious. I can't believe I sat through most of it.
I also watched a documentary about the Diaspora Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. It mostly featured the young photographer Khadija Saye, who died in the Grenfell Tower disaster, with her mother. How incredibly cruel. She seemed such a dedicated, hard-working artist, and it was all coming together for her. She'd  got a lot of attention, all her stuff was sold, and she was getting interesting offers, including a placement in New York that she was about to start. Poor girl. I felt really, really upset, afterwards. Unfair!