September 2nd, 2017


it's Autumn?

Damn, the sun's so incredibly fierce, it feels much hotter than it is,
Watched a lot of TV/films  as usual... !0 CLOVERFIELD LANE was pretty decent. Good performance by John Goodman as a loopy survivalist. Interesting documentary about BLONDIE's NEW YORK,which I remember quite well. It would be weird to go back, now. It seems to be totally different. Of course London has changed so much, too. The old character is vanishing by the day. I'm glad to report though, that the venerable Uncle Tom's Cabin kiosk has at last re-opened.They were just on holiday after all.
ALL IS LOST made me feel quite melancholy, despite a possible rescue

I'd really like to read a decent biography of Ralph Richardson. He seems to have been genuinely mad,
to a fascinating degree, but nobody writes about it.
I saw him the other day, when I re-visited Olivier's RICHARD lll. While he was quite 'ordinary' looking, his Buckingham was the one who drew the attention, despite Olivier giving it the full-throttle works, throughout.