August 19th, 2017


Wotta World...

Well, another woeful week for the world, with horrors in Sierra Leone and Barcelona. I remember not being that  keen on Las Ramblas, as it was so tourist-trappy and full of franchises. It was certainly chocka with humanity, even off-season, so it's merciful even more people didn't die in the terrorist attack. *Sigh*
The quaint old takeaway downstairs, Uncle Tom's Cabin, has been shut all week. I don't believe I've ever bought anything there, but always liked it, as it was so odd and quirky. Hope they're just on holiday and haven't been forced out by rising rent. The place has been there since about 1900, at least.
Today, I thought I'd go to Elephant & Castle market as I've not been there for many years, and I believe it's going to be revamped. Boy, it needs it. Very dark and grim. Mostly dreary, dirty-looking food stalls and caffs, a Poundland, Iceland and Tesco, and a few ratty clothing stalls. Ugh.
RIP .Bruce Forsyth. I could never endure him, myself, but he brought innocent merriment to many, and will be much missed.