August 10th, 2017

life is pain


I was actually looking forward to a duvet day yesterday  morning, but it was just so grim and chilly that i didn't feel able to do anything but huddle in a complete depressive funk. The depression and lethargy is dreadful. The full moon really got to me, this month.  I'm lonely and the PC is really misbehaving alarmingly. I've had a couple of tips, but I don't know how to do bloody anything, and I'm afraid of making things even worse.
I watched a couple more episodes of the addictive TOP OF THE LAKE: CHINA GIRL, and faffed about.
This morning, the weather was good, and I quite enjoyed exercising. After I headed for LIDL, but had to get off the bus and take a roundabout route, as part of Lavender Hill was closed, due to a scary  77 bus crash. There were casualties, but thankfully, no deaths, despite the bus being really mangled.