July 30th, 2017


Sneezy Sunday

Worked out, went to the launderette, and just faffed around all day. Don't like going out on weekends. to deal with all the humanity, and extra traffic diversions, etc.
Great stuff on BBC2 last night, This Queer Season is full of very interesting programmes. First. there was QUEER AS ART, which was very entertaining although there was little in it that was new to me, followed by the really impressive LOOK AT THE PICTURES, a study of the life and works of Robert Mapplethorpe, including revealing interviews with friends, lovers, models and others who knew him, While I've always been fascinated by him, and am a fan of his work, unsettling as it can sometimes be, I often wonder if Mapplethorpe wasn't in some way 'possessed'. In one clip I found actually frightening. one Jack Fritscher, a writer and gay activisit who was educated in the Vatican, and is an official exorcist (!) as well as a friend/model/lover of Mapplethorpe's, was talking, when he was startled by some poltergeisty knockings. He continued for a moment, then t happened again, and he complained  the room was also getting very cold, and they'd best change loccations. Deedee Deedee--- It may have been a joke, but it really creeped me out.


I caught up with Spanish thriller I KNOW WHO YOU ARE just now. It's extremely convoluted and long drawn-out, with about 500 characters. You have to pay attention. It's still intriguing, though, so I guess I'll carry on watching, since it's halfway through, now.