July 20th, 2017


"Drat Such Weather"

Thank the gods for 'mostly cloudy', and often breezy. It isn't that hot, but it still feels like I'm trying to  breathe through a wet flannel. The sun keeps burning through now, too. Yetch.
My hospital appointment was a bit frustrating, as they often are. The consultant seems to think that an operation won't help the gruesome state of my leg, as the circulation isn't all that bad, and asked if I'd seen a dermatologist. I've been asking the GP if I could see one for ages, but she reckons that nothing can help much, and I'll have a horror film limb for the rest of my days.
Well, I'm lucky to see medics at all, I suppose. My sister in the USA is living in terror. If Trump gets his way, they'll be unable to afford any medical coverage, soon.
I'm such an old bore, now. All I can think of to write about is the hideous weather and my multitude of ailments.
Oh, there's Stuff on Telly, too.  That IN THE DARK mystery started out OK, but this week  it was just silly, with a very obvious outcome.
I also watched the first episode of GOT7. Nothing terribly exciting yet, just setting up. (Mild spoilers ahead-) Tormund is still leering enthusiastically at the disgusted Brienne, and is likely going to end up 'orribly deceased so she can discover, too late, how much she really liked him. *Sniff*. Littlefinger is also impressed by Brienne, but is his interest sexual or homicidal ?
Poor brain-the-size-of a-planet Sam is tantalised by the locked secret library of the maesters, while having to work with foul slops in the kitchen, and  overflowing bedpans, when he's not humping huge dusty tomes for the ungrateful old scholars...
Reminded me of my years of toil at the Coli! Jaime and The Hound continue their progresssion into good-guys, and Arya, aided by her Faceless powers, performs a nifty wipeout.