July 12th, 2017


TMI Again...

Just barfed again. It seems to happen  even more often when I've just eaten something 'healthy', like salad. Oh well,
I've got a doctor's appointment for next week. You'd think I'd lose a bit of weight, though...
It was lovely this morning; cool breezes and cloud cover, but when I got to the park, it was full of screaming kids, having a Sport Day or something, so I had to wait until the sunny afternoon to exercise. Feck.
The new thriller on BBC1, IN THE DARK, seems quite interesting, so far.
BIG BROTHER has definitely got the most unlikeable, boring housemates EVER this year. I didn't mind cantankerous 'old' (56) Joe, but he's been evicted.
Today's 'Mrs. Brady, Old Lady' moment: At the mall in Wandsworth, I emitted an involuntary squawk when suddenly accosted by somebody dressed as a Krispy Kreme Doughtnut! They coulda given me a free sample, at least...