July 7th, 2017



It looks like Dave, the EASTENDERS cat has been found, dead in a bin. Cats on that programme always get bumped off. Poor Dot will be sad...Unless it's a case of mistaken identity, of course.
Got some exercising done, fairly early this morning, but I still feel sick as anything, and the hearburn's hanging around, too. Urp! It's a nasty affliction. I never had it when I was young.
I haven't been able even to doodle crudely, or read, in this heat. I re-watched last week's TWIN PEAKS, ep 8, to fully absorb all the weirdness, though. Mental.
I've noticed while unable to sleep, that some fools keep  doing wheelies at great speed up and down Wandsworth Road in the dead of night. That's pretty scary. I've been nervy about  motorcycles ever since I walked in front of that woman last week...
I've been noticing recently that there are a lot more Muslims around here than there used to be; nearly every other woman on the street seems to be in a hijab, if not the full body wrap-up. No offence meant, just sayin'. It all seems quite sudden.