July 1st, 2017


Exhaustion, Allergies And TV...

Great struggle to get out of bed, but it was my kind of day, earlier; fresh and cloudy. It's getting humid, though, and I'm itching all over. I wonder if all those lime trees downstairs have anything to do with it? That strong, sickly smell really does me in, and gets me supersneezy.
I'm about halfway through the latest OITNB series. I'm still enjoying it, all in all, but I'm afraid it may have jumped the shark. It never was exactly true to life, but these 'riot' antics are way over the top.
Really quite displeased that Peter Capaldi is now finished with the Doctor. I even felt a trifle sniffly at tonight's episode. (He finishes regenerating at Christmas.) Still haven't guessed the new embodiment, but can't imagine anyone being as good, really.