June 28th, 2017

dot cotton


I'm in a right old state. I couldn't get up yesterday, and didn't exercise, although it wasn't raining (quite) in the morning. It's
been actually raining for most of today, and I have to wait in until the sink-unblocking man arrives later (when?). (The bathroom sinks on my side of the building have never drained properly in all the 30+ years I've lived here. Surely that ain't healthy, not to mention the inconvenience.) The council says they can't fix them without tearing the place apart...
I'm feeling super-depressed all the time; can't get enough sleep, and the place is really squalid. My leg is giving me great gyp, too.
Still spaced out from the amazing episode 8 of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN. I think I have to watch it again soon. Evidently it's TWO weeks before the next ep, too. Bah.
BROKEN continues to be painful but excellent viewing. It's sooo sad...
EASTENDERS is really boring these days, but I was rather upset by poor old Dot falling over Dave the cat, and lying there moaning feebly,overnight,  unheard by chum  Patrick, the only one to check on her, until Sonia appeared and let herself it. I suppose I'll be like that, but I ain't got a Sonia, or a Patrick, for that matter...*Whinge*