June 25th, 2017

Twitch Bugs

Close Shave...

Nearly got killed yesterday, though my own idiocy...I am usually over- cautious, if anything. about crossing the street. Yesterday, though, I was tired of being frustrated by the FUBARd lights on Wandsworth Rd. It really seemed very quiet...As I started across, though, A car came speeding around the corner, forcing me to hop forward, right into the path of a motorscooter driven  by an old trout about my age, who managed to scream to a halt inches from me 'Excuse ME!' she bawled indignantly, as I scuttled away apologising. I was really shaken; still spooks me to think of it. What an eejit I am!
VERSAILLES series 2 came to a lively conclusion last night. Really enjoyed it, this time.
Another week of miserable events,many people killed in various areas, and another cultural treasure obliterated by IS.
I certainly was relieved to get my new G2 form, though (for help with paying thre dentist, optician, etc.) I was sure they'd decide I was no longer eligible. Now, there's no actual reason for this, I just always think they'll drop me just for torture purposes. It seems to happen to so many, alas. A heartfelt thank you to the powers that be.