June 15th, 2017


Tragedies, We Got 'Em...

I'm haunted by the dreadful fire this morning  in the North Kensington Grenfell tower block. The hellish images of the whole huge structure burning up will be causing nightmares galore, as will the thought of trapped tenants having to make the hideous choice of roasting to death or splattering on the ground below. Twelve confirmed dead so far, many missing, many injured, and many more homeless and having lost all their posessions. Heaven help everyone.
Forgot to mention a few of the TV series I'm bingeing on these days. THE HANDMAID'S TALE is excellent, and as of episode three, getting kinda scary.  Jimmy McGovern's BROKEN boasts a fine performance from Sean Bean, as a good priest in a miserable, impoverished parish. It's pretty upsetting, actually. BETTER CALL SAUL remains irresistible, with great performances from the whole cast of complex, interesting characters.
Dental dreariness again this morning. He discovered that a tooth with a 'very small' filling is going to need a crown, possibly involving root canal. Mother of Mercy! All this is in aid of preparing my gob for the implants. With any luck, though, I don't have to go back until August, now.
I carried on up the road to get a pedicure for the summer. My feet are grotesque enough without being all unkempt. There were several other women being 'done', inspire no doubt, ny the hot weather settling in. They all seemed to have small, tidy, nice-looking feet (well, as nice as feet get-), even the ones as old as I am. Mine are exceptionally bizarre. but they look a bit better now.
The pollen was terrible, and I was going to skip exercise, what with the dental torture and everything, too, but after the pedicure, and massage chair experience, I managed to get through it all,slowly and feebly, but I was able to smugly congratulate myself for making the effort at all. ( It was stinking hot and humid. Bah.)