May 28th, 2017

Going to Hell


Went to the park early, but it was really airless and steamy. It got cloudy later on, which has made it a bit less grim.
COUNT ARTHUR STRONG always annoyed me on the radio, but although I seldom watch comedy, I often find it rather funny on TV.
No sign of R Next Door, although Peppi ran up to me yesterday in the park.Hope old Lula dawg is holding up in the bloody heat. I popped a note through the door, but haven't heard anything.
Dreamed that there was some kind of audition, and if the people were no good, a 'fairy' (A foot-tall Divine  in a tutu) would fly out and piss on them. There were a lot of complaints.
I kind of feel like getting drunk or stoned, but I'd just feel worse if I did either in this weather. Meh.