May 21st, 2017


Hoo Boy...

In addition to the joint pain, I seem to wake up every morning with a feeling of total despair. Exercising is very difficult, but does help a bit for twenty minutes or so, then gloom  descends again. Bum.
I got to the Cartoon Museum to see the Inking Woman show the other day. It was very interesting, with some artists I didn't know, in addition to the usual crowd. I didn't know that a woman drew Rupert the Bear. I was asked a few questions for what, I don't know. Ithink they wanted to have a record of all the artists. I was in great shape, of course, hoarse, snuffly, dressed in rags, and totally brainfogged. Oh well, whaddyagonnado?
R Next Door insists that I injured Peppi, who is limping, when he jumped at the door as I was entering the vets'. As if I'd do it deliberately!  I couldn't bloody see inside, and was struggling with the complaining Moon in the Petmobil. Still, I feel like I should contribute, if he has to have treatment. Lula is dreadfully thin, now, but seems in good spirits.
Another pretty good DOCTOR WHO last night. I'm so peeved that Peter Capaldi  is leaving. Best Doctor in years.
It looks like a fair amount of good stuff will be on TV over the sport season, thank heaven. We have more AMERICAN GODS and BETTER CALL SAUL, with new series of OITNB and HOUSE OF CARDS coming up, plu (drool) GOT and...TWIN PEAKS!
There was a little fete downstairs in the dog park, but it was rubbish. Even the children weren't interested.