May 12th, 2017


Icumen In...

Oh nooo, it's proper humidly warm, now. I'm in fear of the 'hottest summer ever' tabloid threats, and it's so incredibly bloody dry already. There's a man in the park who stands by as his dog pees on all the exercise equipment, too, which is infuriating. I'll have to take a water bottle downstairs tomorrow to rinse some of the stink off. More pleasantly, the parakeets are back.
Binged on several BETTER CALL SAUL episodes.
I liked CHARLES III. I read that the stage play is about an hour longer.Would like to see a full version.
Things are looking bleak again for poor old Lula. I was confused, yesterday as I wheeled Moon into the vet surgery, to be leapt on by Peppi. R Next Door had brought Lula in a while before. Poor old dawg was lying on a rug, stinking the place out and looking dreadful. She's got pancratitis, now, and they're trying to sort her out, but I think this really could be The End.
My damn cell phone's lost again. I've been searching for it for a couple of weeks, now. I so seldom use it, but you really need to have one. Bum