May 9th, 2017


Tedium Tuesday...

Made a vet appointment for Moon to have her blood checked on Thursday. Fingers crossed all is well.
Bit of a kerfuffle in Sainsbury's Nine Elms yesterday. A topless skinhead in an altered state was cutting up rough at the top of the escators. Three cops and several staff were trying to get him under control. It was rather scary.
Finished watching THE HATEFUL EIGHT, which was pretty stupid. I probably shouldn't have liked it but I did. People who get worked up about bloody violence, 'very strong language', and frequent racist and sexist verbal abuse in fiction probably should give it a miss, though.
I also saw SPOTLIGHT, a very worthy, but rather tedious story about the determined journalists in Boston who blew the whistle on decades of sexual abuse in schools by an amazing number of RC priests, which inspired many other investigations.
Shocking, really, and more stuff is coming out all the time, but IMO. it didn't make for a particularly gripping film.
No RADIO TIMES in the post today. Bah.